808 Saint Paul Street

808 St. Paul Street808 Saint Paul Street was built as two separate homes -numbers 806 & 808-in the 1850s.  Later the homes were merged, and in the 1920s the building became the temple of the Order of the Sons of Italy in America.  This was the first Grand Lodge of the State of Maryland and served as their headquarters until the mid-1950s.

After that, 808 became the Midtown Home, a home for aged and infirm patients. A large rear wing was added to house more occupants, but this was damaged in a fire.  During the building’s renovations, the wing was demolished to return the house to its original form.

The property’s interior is drastically different than that of AGORA’s other buildings due largely to the fact that almost no architectural elements of the original property remained. During extensive renovations, the interior of 808 was transformed into a contemporary warehouse-style environment with exposed brick and duct work. The property also features a coffee bar and rooftop deck for employees to enjoy.

Renovations were completed in May of 2001 and the building now houses Agora Financial & Laissez Faire Books.