William Bonner

Wlliam BonnerIn 1978, William Bonner created what is now known as Agora Inc. What began as a small publishing company based in Washington, DC, has grown to be one of the largest and most successful consumer newsletter publishers in the world.

Since founding Agora Inc. in 1978, Bill Bonner has worked steadily to turn it into a “minimultinational,” with publishing offices in eight different countries on six different continents.  Bill has received many awards for his business successes, including “Entrepreneur of the Year” as well as Direct Marketing “Man of the Year.”

Bill, along with his friend and colleague Addison Wiggin, has written two New York Times Best Selling books: Financial Reckoning Day and Empire of Debt. Both works were critically acclaimed and internationally distributed. His most recent book, co-authored by Lila Rajiva, Mobs, Markets and Messiahs, also hit the New York Bestseller list.

In 1999, Bill founded The Daily Reckoning; he continues to write for it daily. The Daily Reckoning weaves information about the financial world, investing, and everyday life into an educational and entertaining format. Today, more than 500,000 subscribers receive Bill’s daily columns.

There are also a number of charities to which Bill is a generous donor. He was instrumental in the creation of The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in southern Nicaragua. Not long after purchasing and developing a 1,700-acre reserve on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, Bill discovered the local inhabitants’ immediate need for quality, affordable health care. Bill and his partners began amassing donations and recruiting volunteers. In 2004 a clinic was built, staffed and ready to open its doors. Today, the clinic continues to serve and treat more than 8,000 local residents and visitors.

At the core of nearly every one of Bill’s ventures lies a sincere desire to preserve our historic and cultural surroundings. It is no accident that Agora Inc’s headquarters in Baltimore, MD is spread across a collection of restored 19th century mansions within the historic Mt. Vernon district. Bill also conducts business in several other historic properties in France and Ireland, which have been carefully preserved and restored. Agora Inc.’s buildings represent, in architecture, what Agora’s companies try to achieve in publishing – a respectful application of more than 2,000 years of evolved wisdom to current issues and situations. Mr. Bonner has received several awards for his outstanding dedication and leadership from preservation groups.

Bill has also made historical and cultural preservation a part of Agora Inc.’s day to day business. Les Belles Lettres, in Paris, is an Agora subsidiary whose purpose is to rescue, translate, and preserve important written works.

Above all, Bill Bonner is the proud father of six children.

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