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When we launched The Palm Beach Letter, we decided to create a publication that was unlike anything the industry had ever seen.

And our idea was that, instead of bringing you stock picks the way everybody else does, we would give you a comprehensive wealth-building program. The goal of our wealth-building program is simple:

Get richer every single day.

This way, when you calculate your net worth at the end of the year, and you realize you are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands dollars wealthier than you were a year before, you’ll want to keep reading our letter.

In addition to The Palm Beach Letter, we also publish Palm Beach Current Income and the Palm Beach Wealth Builders Club.

Palm Beach Current Income shows subscribers how to earn a steady second income with a technique that is—without a doubt—the safest, most intelligent way of earning income from the stock market in existence.

We launched the Palm Beach Wealth Builders Club in 2012. It shows readers who are “not yet wealthy” how to achieve financial freedom in seven years or less.

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