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The global economy is rapidly expanding, creating an astounding number of new moneymaking opportunities.

At Money Map Press, our primary goal is to show you exactly how to profit from global-sized shifts.

Led by a team of expert investment strategists – with decades of experience between them – we uncover global trends well before the mainstream media takes notice. 

Whether it’s emerging markets in Latin America or established territories in Europe… across the globe in the Far East… or here at home in the West… commodities or currencies… booms or busts… our mission is always the same:  to bring you high-profit breakthroughs from around the world.  And always with an eye on the prize: Growing your investments now and in the future.

Our readers have profited – before Wall Street even had a clue –from an extraordinary number of breakthroughs including: 

  • An energy company that built the world’s first pipeline to transport biodiesel
  • An emerging tech giant that provides data “hubs” for the new Internet Smart Grid, a $100 billion dollar market
  • A new medical miracle drug that could wipe out cancer…

And so much more… we’re always scouring the globe for the next big play to give our readers a sizeable head-start and clear advantage over the crowd.

Our service is anchored by our 2 primary subscription services:

Money Map Report
Led by Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-gerald, one of the world’s leading experts on global investing, and a regular contributor to Fox Business, Barron’s and Bloomberg, Money Map Report provides in-depth articles concerning world commodities and currencies, energy, and health with a clear focus on breakthrough companies and technologies, and intelligent, moneymaking advice for investors, regardless of experience or background.
See more here.

Energy Advantage
Led by Dr. Kent Moors, an internationally recognized expert in oil/natural gas policy and finance, who has been an advisor to the highest levels of the U.S., Russian, Kazakh, Bahamian, Iraqi and Kurdish governments, as well as a prolific writer and lecturer, with six books, Energy Advantage is the premier place to get the inside scoop on everything energy. Because Dr. Moors has been advising six of the world’s top 10 oil companies… not to mention leading natural gas producers throughout Russia, the Caspian Basin, the Persian Gulf and North Africa… the intelligence he gathers from these relationships is invaluable… and impossible to get anywhere else.  See more here.

As the world economy continues to expand and “flatten” investors will have a choice: Stay ahead of the crowd or fall precipitously behind.

With the Money Map Press, you’ll not only stay ahead… you’ll make quantum leaps with groundbreaking – and moneymaking – tips and reports from around the world.


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