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Agora Financial

“Bill – I’ve been reading your pieces for the past few years. Most entertaining and also useful. I’ve made a bit of money with leveraged speculation on gold…”
–Victor Danson, commenting on Daily Reckoning
“I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I read “Empire of Debt” for the first time, it was literally a life changing experience for me. My wife and I changed our lifestyle, investment focus, and political leanings…  To Bill, Addison, and the rest of the team at Agora, keep up the great work!”
–WaySideHR commenting on Daily Reckoning
“My compliments to Mr. Mayer on this one. It’s refreshing to read a newsletter that doesn’t always have a ‘new buy’ every issue… With honest writing such as in this article, you’ll continue to have my subscription.”
–email redacted, anonymous subscriber to Capital & Crisis
“I believe that the Apogee Advisory is “head and shoulders” above any other report of this type that I have seen from about 6 dozen financial advisory services that I have accessed. I am a current subscriber to 2 of them… Agora Financial provides very important information on how to deal with the coming financial crisis… I would highly recommend the “Apogee Advisory” to anyone!!!”
–Evan Grossby on Addison Wiggins Apogee Advisory
“You better know his arguments to survive the next decade whether he is right or wrong.”
–Jason Rellick (testimonial for Little Book of the Shrinking Dollar by Addison Wiggin & Samantha Buker)

The Oxford Club

“I joined The Chairman’s Circle because of the success I have experienced as a Premiere Member from the Oxford recommendations over the last couple of years. I feel I’m a better investor today because of your service.

“I decided to invest more in Oxford because I am very serious about my family’s financial future. I use my membership to not only increase my personal wealth but to teach my children the education of investing systematically, profitably and safely.”

Barry Nelson
“After much consideration and a few false starts, I joined The Oxford Club. I can’t even tell you how I came across the Club, but one day an email came into my inbox and I read it. The name didn’t hurt, as I have studied the formation and the vast amount of scholarly work those early few accomplished in the mid-nineteenth century. Be that as it may, I went to the Club’s website and read, and read. While the numbers were impressive, they were not the deciding factor. It was the fact that [the Chief Investment Strategist Alex Green] left the Wall Street firm on moral grounds. I make this very plain to everyone I speak to about investing with the OC. Some look at me quizzically, but most are silently impressed. Your chosen philosophy of life won me initially, and now for life, in perpetuity!

“Last fall I started with the OC at the basic membership. In the beginning of March, I obtained a subscription to The Frontier Trader, and two weeks later a found myself purchasing a Chairman’s Circle membership for my family, which has, and will always be, the first reason for my earthly existence. I can’t thank you enough for leaving the seductions of the Wall Street wealthy and working so diligently for those who, like me and mine, would have remained on the poor edge of market investment for the rest of my aimless investing life, via my A G Edwards/Wachovia/Wells Fargo ‘advisor.’ I cannot express the depth of my thanks for making the Chairman’s Circle membership a legacy. Showing the nicely framed certificate to my wife and 3 grown children was an especially proud moment for me, as I was able to tell them that my ‘leap of faith’ was more for them and their kids.”

Alex Waine
“I joined the Chairman’s Circle in December. That is truly the best thing financially that I could have done for myself. I am a 64-year-old widow with a $250,000 portfolio, which I have managed myself for the past eight years, investing for years before that. My $90,000 Roth IRA has grown to $107,000 as of today since January – a 19.4% increase in just over four months!

“My goal for my Roth was to be able to buy another Camry in another two years… I think that is going to be possible and who knows what else! I am having the time of my life and my son is preparing for me to take over his portfolio as I have done much better than his broker! He is a young father and pilot with no time for managing his retirement accounts.

”My commitment to the Lord when I started all this was to, as usual, to tithe off my income, but also to give 5% as offerings that I plan to take the end of every year. It will be such a joy to be able to have EXTRA money with which to share with the needy!

“Just a personal thanks to you… I particularly have done well with the Oxford Portfolio, the Insider and International Alerts. I plan to meet you one of these days! Keep up the great work. I’ve become a real fan.”

Katelyn Hill
“Over several decades I have tried many different strategies and used many newsletters, making money sometimes and losing many other times. Through my experience, I evolved a set of rules and strategies for successful investing. However, no matter what source or kind of screen I used to pick stocks, my results were haphazard.

“By rigorously following the investment recommendations and rules provided by The Oxford Club, I have made consistent 40% ROI every year for the past three years, and was able to retire at age 45 and now live comfortably off my investments. I may vary some parameters to suit my individual risk tolerance, and do occasionally go ‘off reservation’ for some investments, but the bulk of my money is with Alex Green’s exceptional sense of value, perception, and timing. The Oxford’s multiple portfolios offer diversity, the strategies provide security, and the results have provided financial security for my successors and myself.

“As a Chairman’s Circle Member, I will pass on my membership to my children, giving them a proven plan and process for multi-generational wealth. The books, pamphlets, seminars, and contacts provide an envelope of support and reinforcement that, if followed, ensure success.”

Brian Willensby, Atlanta, GA
“In my 34-year history as an investor and former investment advisor, I have never followed a stock-picker with a better track record than Alex Green.

“Two examples of his recommendations that we personally acted upon: On Nov. 7, 2006 I bought shares of Belden Inc. (NYSE: BDC) at $37 a share. Today BDT closed at $56.14, a profit of 52% in less than 8 months.

“The second example is even better… On Dec. 29, 2006 I purchased shares of Aluminum Corp. of China (NYSE: ACH) for $23.72 per share. Today the shares closed at $41.86. That is a whopping 78% return in just 6 months.

“These are just two of the many reasons my family and I decided we wanted membership in The Oxford Club’s Chairman’s Circle. That decision, we believe, will make us a part of an exclusive circle of great investors who follow the guidance of outstanding analysts.

“Our Oxford Club membership and experience has proven to be a rewarding privilege that keeps getting better with each passing year. Keep up the great work and regards to Alex.”

Murphy Crane and family
“Hi Alex,

We were at Rancho Santana last February and met you and many of your colleagues in person. It was a delight to see how genuine you all are. This is simply a quick note of thanks to let you know how you positively impact our lives and investments. Every day, we look forward to our e-mails from the Oxford Club. We love reading your Spiritual Wealth columns as well. We view you as a friend and trusted advisor for whom we have much respect.

Our investments have done well, thanks to the Oxford Club. You have heard of the Aurora Borealis phenomenon. We have observed another interesting phenomenon that we call the “Agora Glorialex” effect because we follow your advice, our portfolio balance goes north and that lights up our lives. Keep
up your great work. We will keep reading.”


Frank & Hillary Lowden

New Market Health Newsletters

“I am a recent member to the HSI group and have very much enjoyed reading your various research articles. Your organization is definitely on the ‘cutting-edge’ and you are indeed providing a wonderful service to humanity at large.”
—Teddy M.
“Your HSI newsletter and e-Alerts are some of the most valuable I receive (and I get about a dozen of them!) I read every one of your newsletters and e-Alerts with great interest, save them, and frequently look up things on your website. I really appreciate your cutting edge articles on preventing cancer and heart disease, avoiding flu vaccines, fluoride dangers, using bio identical hormones, and specific uses for vitamins, antioxidants, and other supplements. As long as you keep publishing, I will never be without HSI newsletters and e-Alerts!”
—Lucy S.
“I wanted to share with you that I read my March HSI newsletter about maitake mushrooms from Mushroom Wisdom. My wife has been going through surgery radiation/chemo for stage 11 pancreatic cancer since Nov 2011. She has been hospitalized from 3 to 7 days at a time every 2 weeks for side effects of the treatment. 31 days ago she agreed to try Maitake Mushroom D Fraction, Pro 4X. She had ZERO side effects during the last 2 weeks of radiation. She had her second chemo treatment yesterday and is supposed to continue on that schedule for 4 months. In the last 30 days, her taste buds have returned, she has no fatigue, nausea, vomiting or hospital stays and says she feels GREAT! Thank you so much for the article. It’s been a God-send!”
—Charlie E., Mesa, AZ
“Dr. Douglass is the only doctor newsletter I subscribe to now. I got rid of those other mainstream idiots last year.”
—Brian Hanson, Pine Bluff, AR
“You always do a fine job in your newsletter The Douglass Report for which I’m a loyal subscriber since you started it. I like your creative, iconoclastic examination of medical myths and courage to blast out the real facts. I hope you keep on forever.”
—Wally K. Redondo Beach, CA
“Before seeing Dr. Stengler I could barely move because of my rheumatoid arthritis. In one month with his natural anti-inflammatory treatment as well as other natural supplements, I improved dramatically – pain and stiffness are almost gone. I’ve been able to take my dog for a walk, something I wondered if I would ever be able to do again.”
– Katie G.
“After struggling with weight issues for years and then being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, I was relieved when Dr. Stengler told me he could reverse the diabetes. And he did! Within several days my sugar levels began dropping…in total I lost 90lbs and my diabetes completely disappeared!”
– Cathy S.
“In 1999 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Thanks to Dr. Stengler I have been rebuilding my bone density on a consistent basis, without any medication. And at 63, I can even do a leg press of over 300lbs.”
-Pat R.
“Mark Stengler is to be applauded not only for his healing work, but for his persistent exploration of the real frontiers of natural medicine…a truly dedicated healer who harmonizes the best of the art and science of healing.”
—Dr. Jacob D. Bachman, M.D.
“Dear Dr. Wright, I just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful year I have just had. I have not had one migraine since I left your office. This might come as a shock, but I’m not writing this letter about my migraine. When I was in your office, I read a few issues of your newsletter, Nutrition and Healing. I ended up subscribing—and applying that information to some problems at home.

You see, my father has Alzheimer’s disease. A year ago, he did not know any of us and had terrible hallucinations. I did a little research in your newsletter and found all the information I needed. I ordered the products that you recommended and I immediately started seeing improvement. Even my physician is surprised with the progress— maybe he’ll even apply some of this knowledge to his practice. My father now knows who his family is and can even play cards again, one of his passions.

Every condition that comes up in our household, from my mother’s arthritis, which by the way is not bothering her anymore, to my husband’s sinus and ear infections. According to his ear specialist, my husband has been able to avoid ear surgery.

All of this has been possible through your newsletter, Nutrition and Healing. Between the case study, the nutrient of the month and the interviews, everything I needed was there. We can never repay you for the happiness that has been possible from your newsletter, but the least we could do is thank you. Please keep up the good work!”

—Victoria L., Phoenix, AZ

New Market Health Supplements


“I have never found a pain-reliever like Soothanol. I would not ever want to be without this miracle product. A couple of years ago I had a severe muscle spasm in my foot while walking with a friend in a shopping mall. My friend, Judy, reached into her purse a brought out this little bottle of Soothanol. She placed one drop in 3 places on my foot and within seconds, I was totally pain-free and we continued with our Christmas shopping. I drove myself home (pain-free) and I placed my first order with NorthStar Nutritionals for Soothanol. Thank you so much for having this outstanding product.”

—Evelyn Channings, Paterson, NJ

“SynerFlex is a wonderful product that I wish everyone could use who experiences everyday aches and pains. You have really contributed to the quality of life for a lot of people. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!”

—Matthew Vallens, Boise, ID

“I noticed I was making many trips to the bathroom in the night resulting in getting very little—if any—rest. Ultimate PRO Support is far superior to any of the other so-called solutions I have tried because it actually works. This is a product I very highly recommend to any man over 45. Why? Because quite simply, it WORKS just as Dr. Douglass claims it will.”

—Evan Chambers, Columbus, OH

“I tried GlucoComplete because I was tired of bouncing blood sugars and not being able to have a little something extra without worrying. I have been very happy with the results. The occasional ‘cheat’ does not send my blood sugar to Jupiter. I will be reordering this—I have tried other products that did not work as advertised. This does work.”

—Kate Williams, Sacramento, CA

“This is a wonderful product—we no longer dread the Thanksgiving to Easter winter cold season. Pure-Immune Plus is the best!”

—Sadie Keller, Columbia, SC

The Palm Beach Letter

The Palm Beach Letter has changed my life for the better. Your advice is so straightforward… It is nice to find people who want to share their knowledge, to help others make their own lives better and increase their wealth. I thank you and my family thanks you, my wife and my children are enriched.
– Danial P., New York, New York
I just started receiving The Palm Beach Letter a few months ago. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made. I plan to use the strategies for the rest of my life. I want to pass this information on to my children as well. Thank you so much for your dedication to helping us.
– Shane Hallen, WI
“I love my subscription to The Palm Beach Letter – your approach to living a full and wealthy life has taught me what is important and what isn’t, and how to stay focused on what is. Thanks ever so much.”
– Cathryn Mossel, Cape Town, South Africa
“Thank you for taking time to develop and share The Palm Beach Letter… I now have an understanding of wealth building strategies and have started to use them. I now see a possibility for college for my kids and retirement for us, a possibility I didn’t see before.”
– Janice Beech, Parrish, FL
“Actually, I do not know how to thank you for everything I get from The Palm Beach Letter… I feel like I’ve been taken by the hand and led by a mentor. Thank you again and keep up the good work.”
– Hank W., Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Portner Press

Employment Law Practical Handbook:

“I only discovered that we had a subscription to the Employment Law Practical Handbook about six months ago. It was a buried treasure that had been either not used or used to little effect. Not anymore! Our organisation is undergoing significant changes in regard to internal restructuring, writing of new position descriptions etc. and the Handbook has been invaluable as have the updates. I use both frequently and really like it.”

-Sarah George, Otway Community College, December 2011.
“The book is very valuable. I inherited the HR role by default, and I am learning as I go. I find I refer to the Handbook for all aspects of HR. It is very user friendly, easy to understand and personally, it is my first point of reference.”
-Alex Ramone, D&R Henderson Pty Ltd, May 2009.
“I think the Employment Law Practical Handbook is fantastic – exactly what I have been looking for. In a small business, it is near impossible to gather all this ESSENTIAL information together without paying $1000s in legal /consulting fees!”
-Jill Garisson, Global IT Services, May 2009.
OH&S Handbook

“I think my OH&S Handbook is just great, I could not live without it now (makes me wonder how I survived before it!). My handbook has helped in many situations, as it has for other departments with their situations. Everything is covered 100%. I constantly find other department managers are wanting to use my OH&S Handbook (very annoying!).”

-Deena Monroe, Carrolls Suspensions, June 2012.
“I love it. With all the current changes it really helps our business to ensure that we get our training right so that we train others to act safe, be safe. The simplistic nature makes it easy to navigate and read without it feeling like another OHS obligation. Thank you … you buy me time :)”
-Tara Cramer, Eagle Training Services, June 2012.
“This book is the bible of the OH&S committee. It is continually referred to for guidance and answers. It allows confidence in our OH&S procedures in the workplace.”
-Ken Seval, Solar City Tyre Service, June 2012.

Stansberry Research

Digest, Jan 30, 2012:

“I was the blind squirrel looking for a nut and was fortunate to have stumbled across a wealth of info called Stansberry. Finally, instead of whining about all the money that I`ve lost investing with the “pros” I can take matters into my own hands and do something about it. Feeling empowered is a tremendous feeling. A heart-felt thanks to all you folks at Stansberry.”

– Paid subscriber SB
Digest, March 7th, 2011:

“I am at least three million dollars richer. This is after all the ‘financial planners’ destroyed my pension funds. Thanks to you and your colleagues (and the other Agora organization). Since I am approaching retirement you can understand that permanent grin on my face while so many of my colleagues do nothing but complain. Funny thing happened last week. My accountant asked me for an investment advice! I told him to buy gold, silver and an Alliance membership.”

– Paid-up subscriber II
Digest, June 28th, 2012:

“Porter, I may not be rich monetarily, but, due to the education that I received from you … I have my house paid off, 2 out of 3 kids’ college fully funded, [and] no debt… Many thanks to you and you team, for all you have helped me to learn.”

– Paid-up subscriber DM
Digest June 25th, 2012:

“You cannot fathom how valuable your newsletters have been for me over the past two years. It seems like everything that comes out of S&A is gold to me. You have increased my investment knowledge tenfold and I am still learning more and more each day. The hits keep coming, and I appreciate that more than you know. “I was able to open my own brokerage firm in Charlotte, NC that was funded entirely off the additional income your recommendations have provided me.”

– Paid-up subscriber NJ
June 30th, 2011 Digest:

“I been a subscriber for a while now, and I must say I’m amazed at what I have learned from your company. My husband and I are a couple of years away from retirement. We are debt free, and have several areas of investments. We have always wondered just how much trust we could afford to put in any investment advisor.

“Since enrolling with S&A I finally have the knowledge to look at our investments, read a prospectus and know whether or not to believe all we hear and receive from them. I feel I could go to battle with the folks across the investment boardroom table and still walk away with my head still attached. I must say that’s a pretty darn good feeling in the world we are living in, and that, my friend was worth the price of admission. Keep um coming.”

– Paid-up subscriber SS

Wall Street Daily

“OMG! OMG! I did exactly what the Mega Alert said… And guess what? I got paid $900. This is the first time I made money on Wall Street after losing 20-plus times. It already pays for the membership! This is so exciting!”
-Gary, regarding Karim Rahemtulla’s The Smart Cap Alert
“I bagged $3,670. And I’ve only been a subscriber for three hours!”
-Patrick, regarding Karim Rahemtulla’s The Smart Cap Alert
“This is an easy way to make money. It’s almost a sure-proof way. I wish I had learned about [this strategy] 10 or 20 years ago because I left millions of dollars with my brokers. I can tell you right now, from October of 2008 until the end of the year, I made roughly $38,000 in profit. And in 2009 I took in around $78,000. In 2010, which I call a bad year, I only made like $50,000 roughly in profit. It’s a pretty simple thing… I’m probably winning… 97% or 98% of the time. I think [this] is the easiest and safest way to play the market.”
-Marty Bloom, regarding Lee Lowell’s Instant Money Trader
Instant Money Trader:
I got a nice note from a reader named Jason Hillendale, who told me…

“…I made slightly over $15,000 on your low-risk trades. Thanks for your advice and for introducing me to a new way to make money.”

And then, like déjà vu all over again, I got another message from him just 11 months later…

“It was another great year. I made $22,219… “I follow your advice 100% of the time, this is the best investment advice I get from anyone in terms of accuracy and safety. Thanks again.”

Daryl Sokem wrote to tell me…

“Thank you for your help… We have banked well over $50,000.”

I received another email from a reader named Jerry Liam…

“Lee, you are a miracle worker. Hooked up with you… and I’m about $60,000 richer as a result.”

Rachel Walker told me…

“…the results have been superb! I called my broker today and found that over $6,000 has been deposited into my account in less than a month…

“It brought me so much joy, it made me speechless. This strategy is so powerful; I would recommend it to anyone.”

Tim Fields said…

“I didn’t understand the [mirror market] strategy when I joined Lee… so I decided to only allocate a small portion of my portfolio to it…

“In just a few months I have already collected $13,121. I can’t believe this is legal!”

Equity Master

“Honest opinions and ability to admit mistakes in recommendations if any are made.

Balanced view including bearish predictions as well following through on the recommendations and advising investor of time to sell – many other services only give Buy recommendations all the time and leave it to the investor to guess the exit price. I am happy that many times you come back and tell us that there are no stocks to buy since valuations are not attractive rather than just recommend stocks to keep subscribers happy. Even keeping quiet or not doing anything has been advantageous for me on many occasions.

Taking a stance on every economic issue / aspect especially in articles such as 5 min wrap up – most other websites and business news providers provide only disclaimers stating that the views they publish are those of experts and not theirs and that the user must take the opinion at their own risk. Right or wrong, it pays better to take a viewpoint and stick to it rather than appear wishy washy, non-committal or politically correct all the time – here Equitymaster scores solidly over nearly all other investment advisory firms.

I feel very safe that Equitymaster takes the pain to pay visits to companies they recommend and do a detailed investigation of the management and their businesses.

For me the benefit of your recommendations is immense since being in the US and away from Indian markets is a blessing in disguise. As Warren Buffett would put it “you make money by inactivity” or by investing methods that will fetch you returns even if the stock markets were closed for the next 5 years.”

-Sai Rangan, a StockSelect Subscriber since 2007
“I have been following and investing in the markets for 9 years. I would follow all the hot “tips” coming out of the horses mouth only to see my capital erode. Ever since i have bought Equitymaster products, I BELIEVE I HAVE BOUGHT PEACE TO MYSELF. Trust me these days, I feel more happier when the stock market crashes, as i know i am buying into companies that are researched as “Fundamentally & Technically Strong”.

“…Sleeping pills are cheap… but they come with a habit…whereas mediatation is difficult but it develops a positive attitude”…Equitymaster thou next name is Meditation.

-Ishaan Dasgupta, a MidcapSelect Subscriber since 2009
“It’s been 5 years since I have been a subscriber to all the products of Equitymaster (EM). EM’s “power to people” approach is what made me to associate with them initially. EM’s honest, independent and consistent research on stocks is worth appreciating. In short I must say it has been a “rewarding” experience.”
– M R Sarin, a Hidden Treasure Subscriber since 2005
“I have been subscriber to The Lucrative Derivative Report since its launch in November 2010. I used to trade derivatives on my own before but I could not get much success. However subscribing to this service not only help me earn double (in some cases triple) digit returns on my capital but also taught me importance of in depth research and discipline which is required for success in derivatives. I have not only made money through this service but also improved my own performance in trading. I have been so much inspired with the service that I have paid advance subscription till 2014”.
– Rudra Sen, The Lucrative Derivative Report Subscriber since 2010
“I really thank you for starting something like Equitymaster and I feel I am really late in being associated with you. I would have been saved from lots of mistakes ….but well …certain things take place only when they are destined to.”
– Aditya Malik, an Equitymaster subscriber since 2009

OmniVista Health

Dr. Fred Pescatore’s Logical Health Alternatives & Reality Health Check

“Dr. Fred, thank you SO much for helping to save our lives! GOD BLESS YOU!!”
– Bonnie Myers from Kennsington, PA
“I love your new Reality Health Check newsletter – I am a nurse diabetic educator and I feel the same way you do about the carbohydrate issue. I just loved this issue [the ADA dishes up more bad advice]…Bravo!!”
-Lorrain P.
“I don’t remember how I came across your your newsletter. But THANK GOD for that!! I’ve gotten many others in the past, but I find your newsletter THE BEST OF ALLL. With real, useful info and advice. Many THANKS!!!”
– Grace S.
“I’ve been using your diet for nearly six years have lowered my glucose from 121 to 110 in just 2 weeks. I’ve also dropped 12 pounds in that time! Thank you for the advice!”
– Bryden T. from Oceanside, CA

Dr. Fred Pescatore’s NuLogic Nutritionals — GlucoLogic

“I’ve been taking GlucoLogic for 4-5 months now and the results have been excellent. Since taking GlucoLogic and watching what I eat, my numbers look great and I’ve even lost 30lbs in the last 5 months!”.
– James G. from Stamford, CN

Dr. Marc Micozzi’s Insiders’ Cures and Daily Dispatch

“I am a retired nutritional consultant and so I have had LOTS of bulletins etc. from many many Doctors…but I just had to write and tell you how FANTASTIC i think you are..I look forward to your bulletins like a bear to honey…keep up the good word and stay well…we need you. …I treasure all your information. Bless you.”
– Martha Hughes
“Please keep up the good work…you are making a difference in many lives.”
– Dr. Donald Carver
“I am impressed and intrigued by your “insider” perspective and integrity to the truth.”
– Spencer L.

Dr. Marc Micozzi’s Smart Science Nutritionals – Core Brilliance

“My name is Jim. I am 64 and have been on Core Brilliance for a little over two months now. The results I am experiencing are phenomenal! I am pushing your product with friends and alternative and complementary health care professionals in my sphere of influence.”
– Jim Randolph