The Oxford Club

Founded in 1989 – The Oxford Club is an independent financial organization, with Members in more than 100 different countries, and affiliated Clubhouses around the world.

Our Club headquarters houses over 50 employees, and is located in a stunning brownstone Clubhouse in the historic Baltimore neighborhood of Mount Vernon. There is also an office in Delray, Florida and affiliated offices in Bonn, Germany and London.

The Oxford Club has a top-rated financial research and editorial team, headed by Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green and Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld. It has a long-term tradition of providing Members with unique, global opportunities for market-beating returns, as well as strategies for achieving and preserving long-lasting wealth.

Club analysts follow a range of “market neutral” and “asset allocated” investment strategies, at various levels of risk. They include momentum investing, maximizing income, tax-advantaged investing, following insider buying, investing in energy and resources, emerging markets, private placements, options trading and investing in biotech and healthcare technologies.

Club publications include free educational advisories like and Subscribers can also access the Club’s many published proprietary investment systems and recommended portfolios in The Oxford Communiqué and The Oxford Income Letter. In addition, the Club publishes many premium research services, short-term trading recommendations, investing webinars and courses. The Oxford Communiqué’s Trading Portfolio is consistently and independently ranked as one of the top-performing portfolios in the country.

As a Club, we offer Members several additional opportunities for sharing information, through online exchanges, social media, regional seminars and world financial tours. The Club is a private membership organization that publishes investment research and recommendations, and sponsors special events. It does not provide personal investment advice, brokerage services or money management.

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Julia C. Guth
Publisher and Executive Director
The Oxford Club

Alexander Green
Chief Investment Strategist
The Oxford Club
Editor, The Oxford Communiqué, The Momentum Alert, The Insider Alert, The True Value Alert

Marc Lichtenfeld
Chief Income Strategist
The Oxford Club
Editor, The Oxford Income Letter, Oxford Systems Trader, Healthcare Profits Alert

Matthew Carr
Emerging Trends Strategist
The Oxford Club
Editor, Emerging Trends Trader

David Fessler
Energy and Infrastructure Strategist
The Oxford Club
Editor, Peak Energy Strategist, Investment U

Steve McDonald
Bond Strategist
The Oxford Club
Editor, Oxford Bond Advantage

Sean Brodrick

Resource Strategist
The Oxford Club
Editor, Gold & Resource Trader

Eric J. Fry
Creative Director
The Oxford Club
Editor, Free Market Café

Joel Bowman
Roving Editor
The Oxford Club
Editor, Free Market Café

Andrew Snyder

Editorial Director
The Oxford Club


The Oxford Club
105 West Monument Street
Baltimore, MD, 21201
Phone: 1-800-992-0205
International Phone: 443-353-4056
Fax Line: 410-329-1923