The Sovereign Society

Founded in 1998 — and headquartered in Delray Beach, FL — The Sovereign Society is a boutique investment research firm, with a worldwide membership of people who value their financial freedom, personal privacy and affluence.

The Sovereign Society has dozens of research analysts at our home office as well as at satellite offices in Maryland, Louisiana and Texas. On our team we have best-selling authors, overseas bankers, international money managers, tax specialists, political forecasters, commodity experts and asset protection attorneys.

Our investment research analysts track down little-known opportunities you won’t hear about from mainstream media, including stocks trading on global exchanges, unusual income opportunities, commodity options trading and foreign currencies.

Our team of offshore specialists focuses on tax and estate planning, dual citizenships, asset protection and second passports.

We have no affiliations with major Wall Street banks or brokerage firms. We don’t promote stocks. We have no biases or conflicts of interest. It’s our intense research and unconventional thinking that has allowed our members to consistently outperform the market.

If you’d like to discover how we can help you live, work, invest and do business with a lower tax burden and better investment results, while at the same time achieving maximum personal and financial security… our free e-letter The Sovereign Investor Daily is a great place to start.


Erika Nolan
Executive Consultant, The Sovereign Society

Jeff Opdyke
Investment Director and Editor, Profit Seeker
Investment Director and Editor, Jeff Opdyke’s Sovereign Investor
Investment Director and Editor, Precision Profits

Robert E. Bauman, JD
Chairman, Freedom Alliance

Ted Baumann
Editor, Sovereign Confidential and Plan B Club

Chad Shoop
Editor, Pure Income


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