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About Us

The Agora began as a small publishing outfit in Washington, DC in 1978. Its founder, Bill Bonner, was interested in publishing ideas and opportunities commonly overlooked by the mainstream media. He started with International Living, a newsletter devoted to working, investing, and retiring overseas. After the success of that title, the company grew slowly but steadily, one publication at a time.

By the 1990’s the business had expanded to include several thriving publishing groups and relocated to a beautiful, historic Baltimore City neighbourhood. During that same period, The Agora’s footprint stretched overseas, with subscribers across the globe and businesses sprouting in major cities including Paris, London, and Melbourne. More would soon follow. The workforce grew from a handful to hundreds of people. Collectively, the groups published dozens of newsletters and magazines in the areas of travel, health, business, and investing. The Agora also includes Les Belle Lettres, the largest publisher of the Greek and Roman classics in the world.

Today, our network includes dozens of independent publishing and media companies that are privately run and have individual product lines. Still, as distinctive and independent as they have grown to be, they all share The Agora’s core mission of bringing the best new and unconventional viewpoints, perspectives and strategies to the global marketplace.

Old Principles.
Today’s Media.

The media landscape today is large, complex, instantaneous, and oftentimes confounding. It is also increasingly faddish. Brave new ideas circulate rapidly and dominate social, political, and economic discussion without serious consideration, largely untethered to the timeless principles and wisdom of the great thinkers and writers of the past. Most of the publications within our network are topical; they focus on the most important current trends in economics, investing, business, and health. But their writers are conversant with history’s strongest, most influential thinkers; from Aristotle to Thomas Aquinas to Adam Smith.

While the companies that make up The Agora operate independently, they rely on these principles to help customers to expand their minds, embrace bold thinking, and enrich their lives. If you are a customer and in need of assistance, please feel free to contact us at info@theagora.com. We will be happy to connect you with the appropriate company and Customer Service team.

Diversity and

Notwithstanding a common grounding in the Classics, The Agora companies are a widely diversified group of publishing businesses, spanning 14 countries and 8 languages, employees from all backgrounds, and a wide span of publications on a variety of topics of importance.

The Agora’s is also a culture that promotes partnership and has developed partnership relations with hundreds of businesses, large and small, all over the world. Whether it be printing, distribution, communications, or any other business that touches on what they do, The Agora Companies welcome opportunities to collaborate in an effort to improve their products, operations, and customer experience. If you are interested in establishing a relationship as a vendor or partner to one or several of these companies, you may email us at info@theagora.com. In your email, please specify which company(ies) is of interest to you.

Career Opportunities.

The Agora includes more than 20 companies which operate out of 15 different countries around the world. Each of them has different needs and hiring practices. If you are looking for information on career opportunities with one or several of these companies, you may email your resume and cover letter to info@theagora.com. In your email, please specify which company(ies) is of interest to you.