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About Us

The Agora Companies are a consortium of more than 40 media businesses around the world with one major characteristic – openness to leading-edge and alternative ideas, including the creative marketing ideas that bring them to readers on six continents.

This year alone, The Agora Companies collectively produced and marketed over 300 financial, health and lifestyle publications. These reached more than 4 million people around the globe –

more readers than The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. And this number is growing rapidly.

What began in 1978 as a publishing start-up in a converted Baltimore row-house has evolved into a broad-based network employing more than 2,000 writers, editors, publishers, marketers, copywriters, and film and radio producers in the United States alone.

Our Companies and Careers

The Agora Companies are each independently operated. They are based in Baltimore, Maryland and Delray Beach, Florida, and in the major cities of 16 other countries including London, Paris, Melbourne, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Mumbai. Use the map below to search The Agora Companies around the world, then visit their websites and career pages to learn more about joining us. On any given day, you may find more than 100 open positions.

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Our Journey

It all started in 1978, when founder Bill Bonner began exploring the idea that perhaps an American could live a better quality of life for less money in another country. In his research, he left no stone unturned. And afterward, he felt compelled to share his knowledge. He imagined that there must be others like him who might like to see his findings, and he began writing.

It didn’t take long for him to see that his hypothesis was right.

Not only were there people willing to consider new ideas and opportunities to take control of their own health, wealth and future, there were people researching ideas of their own.

As others came along and joined him, Bill expanded and explored new ideas. In one of his most successful newsletters, Bill would write to people about the economic state of the world markets and new investment opportunities he was eyeing. In fact, he still writes that letter every day.

Before long, there were dozens of letters and hundreds of ideas – and thousands of people subscribed to be the first to learn about them. That was because what they were receiving wasn’t just news. This was personal.

As people read, they were brought into the lives of the researchers and writers, and with them on their quests revealing greater wisdom. Along the way, they built relationships… and trust.

In 1979 Bill gave the small group the name, “Agora.”

The name is a Greek term for “marketplace,” and this would be the world’s first open source marketplace for ideas. The mission was simple – to share original, well-founded and useful views.

In the early years, The Agora Companies mostly published well-researched insight on economic and investment opportunities. Then came real estate, health and travel. Later the scope grew to include entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and academic topics. All of these ideas were entirely unique, and supported through independent research.

The same is still true today. Only now, the media businesses are joined by a number of marketing, technology and business services companies. And make no mistake – those businesses tend to do things a little differently as well. Some people call it contrarianism or libertarianism. The truth is, we observe the way the establishment and mainstream portray our world and the options we have to live our lives, and we oftentimes think, “there must be a better way.”

That innate curiosity has led to the development and growth of more than 40 different companies operating out of the major cities of 17 countries and counting. More than 4 million people now rely on the fresh perspectives and discoveries they find here to guide them on their journey to live a better life. We take their trust seriously, and honor it by doing the hard work expected of us. And we do this proudly – because we know that the most interesting part of their journey and ours is what lies ahead.