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About Us

The Agora Companies are a consortium of more than 40 media businesses around the world with one major characteristic – openness to leading-edge and alternative ideas, including the creative marketing ideas that bring them to readers on six continents.

This year alone, The Agora Companies collectively produced and marketed over 300 financial, health and lifestyle publications. These reached more than 4 million people around the globe –

more readers than The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. And this number is growing rapidly.

What began in 1978 as a publishing start-up in a converted Baltimore row-house has evolved into a broad-based network employing more than 2,000 writers, editors, publishers, marketers, copywriters, and film and radio producers in the United States alone.

Our Companies & Careers

The Agora Companies are each independently operated. They are based in Baltimore, Maryland and Delray Beach, Florida, and in the major cities of 16 other countries including London, Paris, Melbourne, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Mumbai. Use the map below to search The Agora Companies around the world, then visit their websites and career pages to learn more about joining us. On any given day, you may find more than 100 open positions.

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More About The Agora Companies

Our founders started with a handful of newsletters in 1978. Most of them were failures. But one…and then another…and then a cluster proved their worth. Each successful newsletter allowed them to bring new talent into their fledgling business…and to bring more readers into The Agora group. Early and long experience has taught the value of quality, and the value of the customer relationship. Treat the customer right by delivering fresh ideas, innovative interpretation, and consistent, independent analysis, and the result is a long-term relationship built on trust. These are still the fundamental principles of The Agora and its companies.

Equally important to The Agora Companies’ success is its emphasis on innovation. The newsletter format was an innovation in its day; so was founder Bill Bonner’s direct mail

marketing. His striking and original approach won him early recognition. Today, the companies of The Agora constantly experiment with new media, both to support their publications and to expand their readership.

Yet another common thread ties together The Agora Companies – openness to change within. Bill Bonner consistently sought new partners and new talents. Today, despite our growth, we are not a top-down organization. We are not mainstream. We know that the best, most successful ideas and innovations come from unexpected sources and insights. The Agora Companies encourage its people to stretch to his or her potential, and the growth of our companies provide ample space for career development.