The Agora Way

Agora Research Library BookshelfThe value that an Agora company offers its customers resides in the quality of its ideas – the unique perspective, the analysis, and the advice.  The Agora Companies are unique. It is the only network of its sort in the US, and the world… and it’s growing. In 2015 The Agora Companies produced and marketed over 300 publications reaching more than 4 million readers around the globe.

Interestingly, Bill has never had a “master plan.”  Because he’s never believed in a “road map,” when it came to business, nothing ever seemed particularly off course. Our network’s growth, though surprising to “the outside world” and confusing to competitors, happened organically.

What all of our companies and their customers share is a willingness to explore ideas. Our companies ask questions. We wonder, research, and test. We try on ideas like some people try on hats… looking for ones that seem to fit.
But we don’t all have to wear the same thing. A number of the companies within our organization compete in similar markets. And so a competitive spirit has become an important part of our culture. The relentless internal competition contributes to the success and growth of each company; ideas are challenged within The Agora as well as by the outside world.