Our Work

The Agora Client Services WorkplaceWhat we do is unique. And the companies we work for are almost certainly very different than any you may have worked for in the past.

We are not mainstream media publishers. We are not interested in direct competition with the New York Times or Fox News. We do not publish information, or data, or news. Instead, The Agora Companies have always looked for outlying ideas – fresh ideas that are compelling enough to eventually make it to the mainstream. This has allowed us to attract some of the most forward-looking and free-thinking writers, marketers, researchers, and editors in the world.

Though our organization has grown to include many companies worldwide, and each one is different from the next, there are certain things you can expect as an employee, no matter where you are:

  • You will be valued for your contributions. If those contributions are shallow or imbecilic, you will be rejected. TheAgora WallStreetDaily 14 West workplace
  • You will be challenged every day to do better than the day before. If not, you should challenge your boss. 
  • You will be fulfilled in your work and excited about your future. Or you will be in the wrong place, or in the wrong job for you.

One more thing. The Agora Companies thrive on innovation, entrepreneurship and independent thinking, and they make room for talent. If you don’t see an open position but think you could contribute to the success of one of our companies, our first recommendation would be to contact the 14 West Talent team today.

14 West shares not only a history but a heritage with The Agora Companies, and for that reason most if not all of them rely on their Talent team to find them the best talent on the planet to grow their teams and ultimately their businesses.

Click here to visit the 14 West website and search for opportunities there.